Book Review, Deceit in Bloom by Jennifer Michael

Reviewed by Becky Cox

Deceit in Bloom (Love Unauthorized, #1)

Deceit in Bloom is the perfect title for this story. This one has a big ole cliffy so be prepared.

What a great debut novel for Jennifer Michael. It is turny (I don’t think that is a word), twisty and sexy. Clever banter between characters. Burke and Paisley are like a ticking time bomb that explodes.

I am just happily reading along. Paying attention to figure out the “who done it.” Then, BAM, the ending. Oh Holy Hannah, the ending.

The supporting characters, Kai, Teagan and Braelyn, are all cleverly written and add so much to the main story line.

I want to have word vomit here but don’t want to give away the plot. You need to experience it first hand. I am just here, hanging out, waiting patiently for the next book. I am not going to message the author and bug her or anything. Well, maybe just a little nudge. (winks)

I was given a copy for an honest review.

Review by Becky for Jo&IsaLoveBooks

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