Book Review, Delivery Girl by Lily Kate

Reviewed by Jess

Delivery Girl (Minnesota Ice, #1)

Delivery Girl by Lily Kate
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


4 Smiley Face Pizza Stars!!

Lily Kate, your debut book is awesome. I loved it. Just loved it. Hockey, hotties, witty banter, jokes and all, you rocked your first book!

I’d never heard of Lily Kate before a few days ago. Neither have you, probably! Well, this is your sign! You’ve been told! Get this book!

Ryan is a hot shot hockey stud wanting to make his mark and get traded to LA. He loves Minnesota, but he’s looking for a chance for some major wins! And LA is where it’s at. His chance at the cup.

He never thought Ordering a smiley face pizza would turn his world up side down, but it did when beautiful, funny, pizza delivery girl, Andi knocks on his door. She’s a stand up comic vying for new gigs and a steady income-she loves her family and her friends. Helping her dad out delivering pizza for his shop is just for some tips, until she comes face to face with THE RYAN PIERCE.

What’s that saying? The rest is history? Well folks, it was.
Light on the drama, packed with a hilarity punch, crossed with sexy times that will curl your toes and you have a hit with DELIVERY GIRL.

Sign me up for her next book!!

*received arc in exchange for an honest review*
Reviewed by Jess for joandisalovebooks blog

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