Book Review, Dying Wish by Margaret McHeyzer

Reviewed by Isa Jones

Dying Wish

Dying Wish by Margaret McHeyzer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


When I first read the blurb for this book I couldn’t help but be drawn and was desperate to read it, perhaps it was the fact I had high hopes and expectations that it was going to be one memorable experience and of of those epic books, although the book plot was bittersweet, I unfortunately couldn’t really get completely lost in the story, for me the plot presented similarities with other books or movies dealing with the same theme and the relationship between the leads went from disdain to the kind of shakespearean love we only get to read…well in those Shakespeare novels.

Alice has one dream in her life, to become a Prima Ballerina and so she dedicates her every waking moment to dance and practice and push her body and mind to the limits to achieve her goal. She has her eyes on the prize and nobody will deter her from it. However as it is the time for parties, friends, falling in love and just being wild she wasn’t counting on Elijah, the boy who used to pulled her hair and used to make fun of her in elementary school, Elijah who suddenly seems to be lost in Alice, he only has eyes for her, he fell fast and he will do anything to prove Alice he can be THE one for her. Alice’s best friend, Becky is a wonderful musician and she has dreams of her own, but she is also determined to enjoy her life in the process. Suddenly Alice, Becky’s and Elijah’s lives get a reality check and their hopes, dreams and expectations will have to be put on hold to adapt with what life has thrown at them.

As with any story dealing with death, the loss of a friend or heartbreak, it did have emotion, but it wasn’t overly heart wrenching emotional, things just happened so fast that it was more of a shock than sadness, I am not saying I didn’t feel for the situation but it was just too chaotic too soon. I enjoyed the second part of the story but I would have preferred time to have passed until the two characters would find each other again.

I can’t fault the writing but sadly this book was just not for me.
ARC received in exchange of an honest review. Reviewed for Jo&Isalovebooks Blog

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