Book Review, Going Down Hard by Carly Phillips

Reviewed by Isa Jones 

Going Down Hard (Billionaire Bad Boys, #3)

Going Down Hard by Carly Phillips
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Oh I wanted so badly to give this book the full 5 star rating but I sadly felt there was just something missing.

DO NOT GET ME WRONG I loved the storyline and as with all her previous books in perfect Carly way they have elements we all crave for these type of stories.

At the beginning of the book we meet Derek West and Cassie Storm. He is pretty much the son of the help, however there is even from the start a connection between both of them and so far Derek has put Cassie on a pedestal. Sadly one day this changes and perhaps in its own way, is the driving force behind Derek’s determination to do whatever it takes to become someone and to hope that one day he can prove his worth. Sadly his time at Cassie’s family doesn’t end well for his parents and this puts a wedge between his true feelings and those of “revenge”. As time is brought forward destiny places them in each other path, however Derek now a successful business man, has other plans for Cassie and the family business. One thing you do know about plans is that they tend in the majority of cases to go up in flames and soon his perfectly constructed plan goes to pieces when he is once again reunited with the woman he has lived to forget. This is the part of the story where I thought I was going to see more angst. I honestly thought Derek was going to truly make Cassie work for what she wanted, regardless of the misunderstandings enough time had passed and generally you don’t forget past aggressions in one day, regardless I loved the interaction between them but I wanted a bit more of a pent up energy and build up to make it more real and complete, you know that whole would he-wont he that urges you to read on.
I loved seeing some of the previous characters make an appearance within the story.
I will definitely love to read more from this Author she is always a safe bet to produce an entertaining read.

ARC received in exchange of an honest review.

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