Book Review, HIDING by N.M. Catalano

Reviewed by Becky Cox 

HIDING (Book 5 Stand-Alone STRANGER Series)

HIDING by N.M. Catalano
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I have enjoyed watching the characters of the Stranger series develop and grow. I have further enjoyed reading each of the stories. I missed Perfect (sorry N.M.) and will have to read it.

Hiding is Rico and Maria’s story.

A different side of Rico is exposed in this book and his past is revealed and explains much of his previous behavior. As Hiding develops it shows was a great guy Rico really is.

“Tragedy struck in an alley in the middle of the afternoon in broad daylight. I’d been a walking time in a breathing corpse waiting to detonate after that.”

Maria suffers a devastating event and in trying to do the right thing stirs up some major trouble from the wrong people. She flees to North Carolina to stay with her aunt.

Rico and the crew go out to eat at the restaurant where Maria is working and sparks fly. These two are hot together and their banter is hilarious. Rico’s bossy side is hot.

And here the story takes off. It is a roller coaster ride of mystery. In the center of the mystery is the developing love story of Maria and Rico.

He calls her “Kitten” and I love that.

Another great addition to the Stranger series from Catalano.

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