Book Review, Prude by Jordan S, Gray

Reviewed by Isa Jones


Prude (Labeled Book 1)


Prude by Jordan S. Gray
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


This is Jordan S. Grey’s debut novel and so my first time reading her work. I feel really bad because sadly this book was not for me but I will try ensure my review is a constructive one.

I can’t fault the writing as the story was well edited and had all the required elements for this type of book. However, in my opinion, the characters at times weren’t well portrayed and to me that presented a dilemma as it hindered my ability to connect and to completely believe in the story.

At the beginning of the book we meet Rebecca Washington who gets dumped by her boyfriend for being boring and prudish. As I started reading the first few pages I assumed we were dealing with 15/16 year old kids because the dialogue and behaviour were so immature that I just didn’t understand what was going on. Then as I continued on and found out that the characters were actually in their late 19-20’s I struggled to take them seriously and sadly it just went down hill from there onwards.

Rebecca’s character is supposed to be shy and she is a complete introvert and bordering on OCD behaviour. If the author intended for her character to come across as totally obnoxious and socially inept then she totally nailed it. The rambling got on my nerves and at times I wanted to close the book, but Derek made it all bearable: on the outside a typical womanising manwhore but as you read on, you see he is hiding a lot of emotional baggage. I felt his character could have had a bigger story and he should have been given his own chapters so the reader could have fully understand where his broody mood was coming from. I say the best dialogues came from the secondary characters but still I had mixed feelings with their childish behaviour.

To summarise, as this is not an original plot, I feel the Author could have delivered a solid and high rated story if the characters would have been stronger and acted within the storyline, I hope my comments only help her see other people’s perceptions thus providing us readers with a well rounded book next time round.

ARC received in exchange of an honest opinion.
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