Book Review, The Evolution of Ivy:POISON by Lauren Campbell

Reviewed by Monique Cashmere

The Evolution of Ivy: Poison (The Evolution of Ivy, #1)

The Evolution of Ivy: Poison by Lauren Campbell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Firstly I want to say that I applaud anyone that takes the plunge to write a book. It is not an easy task and takes time and courage to put it all down. So hats off to you Lauren for achieving it.

Unfortunately this book was not for me. I don’t mind my books to have a bit of darkness to them, but this one is full of it. There is so much revenge and manipulation going on, it was hard to invest in the characters and all their underhandedness and a couple boarding on psycho.

I felt it could have been a great book if a few things were different, and that maybe if the author had good beta readers in her corner that were honest with her. The story line is not a bad one, and if there was only one crazy girl doing the manipulation, I would have enjoyed it a bit more. I didn’t feel the heroine deserved her HEA, as the relationship is based on lies.

Ivy / Emily meets a new boy in grade school and they become best friends. Circumstances come about that he has to move away with his family and doesn’t return for three years. In that time, Ivy has an accident and now has facial scars. Brooks doesn’t recognise her anymore and starts dating another girl. Ivy holds a grudge for 10 years, and after inheriting a substantial amount of money, she decides to fix her face and win Brooks back.

I really tried to find some good to this book, and the only thing I liked was Brooks. I wanted him to find his HEA, but I am not sure of his choices.

*I received a copy for an honest review.
**Reviewed for JoandIsaLoveBooksBlog.

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