Five Star Book Review, A Perfect Plan by Alyssa Drake

Reviewed by Jess

A Perfect Plan (Wiltshire Chronicles, #1)


A Perfect Plan by Alyssa Drake
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Perfect Plan-5 amazing stars!!


Alyssa Drake, you have kept my interest peaked and I cannot wait for the Wiltshire Chronicles #2. I NEED to know what happens next. Talk about a cliffhanger!!!

Initially, I wasn’t happy with the third person perspective. I am usually not a fan, but Drake has done a wonderful job capturing each character in detail-a task not done easily. I absolutely loved the third person telling of this story and I don’t think it would have worked as well had it been told from Samantha’s point of view.

I will admit, I didn’t know this wasn’t going to be a standalone, but it didn’t make a difference in the end. I loved the WHOLE book. Samantha’s character was wonderful. Rich, strong, witty, and had a tongue on her not wholly appreciated for the time. Benjamin, dear LORD, I loved him. Sly, and rough around the edges, but still sweet and loving. The secondary characters were as rich as the both Lord Westwood and Miss Hastings. I honestly pictured Damelza and Ross Poldark while reading this, and they just fit so wonderfully together. Add in the extra tension of murder, and betrayal, I was thoroughly entranced the entire book.

The entire time I pictured a game of CLUE-this person did it, in the Library, with the Candle Stick! I loved the mystery (something I don’t often read, but will now start to enjoy a wee bit more), it had me seized with emotion and questions the entire read.

I cannot wait for next installment of this series, I wish I had it in my hands RIGHT now. This is my first Drake, but I can guarantee you it wont be my last. I adore a good historical romance, and when you throw in a enigmatic mystery, I cannot deny myself.

***received this ARC in exchange for an honest review***

***Reviewed by Jess for Joandisalovebooks Blog***

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