Five Star Book Review, Atonement by Sloane Kennedy

Reviewed by Isa Jones

Atonement (The Protectors, #6)

Atonement by Sloane Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


It is fantastic when you are going through a book funk to suddenly get one that completely takes you out of it, it chews you in and spits you out faster than a twister in Kansas!

Sloane Kennedy is an incredible writer and she nails every time delivering a completely, fresh, addictive, hot and page turner of a story. Fans of the Protectors series can finally celebrate the release of latest instalment and I know that they, like me would LOVE Dante and Magnus story.

One thing I love about Sloane’s books is the ability to engage the reader from the very first page, she makes sure she has you right where she wants you and you are completely lost in the story, you know the whole, hook, line and sinker and that wasn’t the exception with this book.
Dante is, what can I say, in a compromising situation when Magnus walks in on him, Dante has tried constantly to push Magnus buttons, ever since their first meeting, if you can recall, Magnus is little Matty’s grandfather, but don’t let the word grandpa put you off, Magnus is off the charts HOT and Dante is desperate to get more and more under his skin, well and under other parts of him too, however the more Dante pushes, the more Magnus repels, its like watching two similar pole magnets at work, its poetic, I love that constant guessing, will they, wont they and OMG Sloane had me at every turn. For the first time since Dante started this “dance” around Magnus he sees a new reaction and urges him to keep driving the man insane but Magnus again only treats him with disdain and aggravation.

At 41 years old, Magnus has had his fair share of tragedy in his life and has seen horrific things in his line of work as a Texas Ranger( see what I mean about hot LOL), but after the loss of his only daughter he thought his life was over, finding his grandson, Matty has giving him purpose and he has managed to put his affairs in order and his life back on track, but an upcoming trial makes him an easy target putting his life in peril and in need of protection.

At 26 Dante is happy to shag everything that moves, women, men, the gender is not important as long as he has someone who can help him forget the mistakes of his past. One mistake cost him the loss of the one person he had only loved and who had only loved him in turn, the responsibility of his actions hasn’t allowed him to move forward and to ever let go, he still searches and is still holding on to hope. Working in the “security” business has given him certain purpose and he has found friends who appreciate him and his job. A job that has now placed him directly working for the one person that brings the worst in him and who he can’t stop thinking about. Dante is in charge of protecting non other than Magnus.

As the two men spend more time in each others company, they start learning about their pasts, their mistakes, their losses and slowly it’s like they are seeing each other for the first time, and Sloane gives us the perfect interlude between this wonderful characters.
I loved every second, I felt every word. I went on a journey with Dante and Magnus and as with every beginning, there must be an end. It was compelling, heartfelt with just the right amount of passion where the poles finally are aligned the right way.


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