Five Star Book Review, Billionaire Unknown: The Billionaire’s Obsession~Blake by J.S. Scott

Reviewed by Joanne Swinney 



Billionaire Unknown: The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Blake by J.S. Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Sigh!! Only in Author J.S. Scott’s books do I ever fantasize about having my very own Billionaire to love me.
It’s not about the money, I mean obviously it doesn’t hurt to be spoiled every now and then. It’s more the passion, love, protectiveness and yes even the possessiveness. I mean it’s one complete hot package. Whenever I read a book in this series, I can’t help but smile. It just warms me up inside. Then when things become intense and sexually charged, I do declare I am no longer warm but as hot as a volcano about to erupt.

Blake Colter, aww yes I’m sighing again. He is such a beautiful man inside and out. He wears his heart on his sleeve, not a chance he could hide his feelings for the woman he loves most in the world.
Marcus Colter I find myself giggling when thinking of him. I dare say his story will be one not to be missed. He is the silent, strong brudey type. God, I can see it all now, I bet he can light up a bedroom like no other Billionaire.
These two incredibly magnificent men are very much identical twins but only in features, everything else they are so non-identical.

Harper was once a spoiled brat until something so profound happened when she was eighteen years old, and trust a Colter boy to be right in the center of it.
The events of over a decade ago changed Harper and left Colter with the question, Why? For to many years to count.

Speeding up to the present day Harper’s sister Dani goes missing, well she’s actually kidnapped. Jesus, who would go into hostile territory willingly? Not me that’s for sure. Harper feels she is left with no other option but to come face to face with Marcus Colter, and beg him to help save her sister.
Now when reading this encounter I was shouting at my kindle because let’s face it when you know something and the character doesn’t know what you know, it becomes a situation where you want them to know. You know what I mean? Yeah, I know I am losing the plot but it just goes to show you how into the story I was.

While plans were set in motion and the bad boy, Marcus Colter was away to save the day. Blake Colter was stepping into Marcus’s shoes once again.
Blake and Harper were getting along famously but Blake didn’t want to take advantage of Harper. I mean she was in a vulnerable state with her sister being held hostage, so he was playing the part of a gentleman. Did Harper need a gentleman right now though? Of course not, she wanted him to ripped her clothes off and buried himself so deep in her he couldn’t find his way back out. WOW!! Yeah, it was so good.

Funny thing is I thought I had this story all worked out, but nope yet again this Author blew my socks right off with the nail biting scenes and surprises I didn’t even think of. For that reason alone I couldn’t rate this book anything other five billion stars.

I will always be a lover of Author J.S.Scott’s Billionaire’s Obsession. This series had me hooked way back when I first met Simon Hudson, you may have heard of me mentioning him once of a billion times. It’s become my obsession, I am what’s known in the blogging community as a One Click Aholic for these books.
I recommend you read your next obsession and download Blake.

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