Five Star Book Review, Bound To Me by Christy Pastore

Reviewed by Joanne Swinney 

Bound to Me (The Harbour Series, #1)

Bound to Me by Christy Pastore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I was swept away by this book. Fate, destiny whatever you want to call it, Ella and Alex were definitely meant to be. It was such a beautifully written story with a few intense moments to keep you reading. The sexual chemistry was intoxicating making it an exciting experience to read.

Ella plans to expand her already thriving business to the states. Moving is a big step for her but she is more than capable of making it work. Her brother Ronan, remember him? Who could forget, right? If you haven’t met Ronan Connolly, you are missing out big time. You can find Hollywood’s sexiest actor in the Unscripted series. Where was I? Oh, yeah, Ronan has an overprotective nature so when he learns that Ella is going to be staying over, of course the most natural thing is for him to hire her a bodyguard. Against Ella’s wishes it’s going to happen.

Alex Robertsen AKA Ella’s bodyguard. Oh. My. God. Now this is the first time I heard of Alex, but I believe other readers were first introduced to him in the book, ‘Fifteen Weekends’. I will certainly be downloading this book, I am more than intrigued about the story. Now as I understand it Alex appealed to readers so much he needed his own story. Thank you fans of ‘Fifteen Weekends’. He most definitely has a voice worth hearing.

Complications arise when Ella and Alex first meet. Let’s just say they already know each other, unbeknown to anyone else in the room. Yes, it makes for an interesting read. They are both finding it hard but it seems Alex can be very persuasive. Alex has had his own problems to overcome, correction he still has issues that are far from resolved, but one thing is for sure he can and will protect Ella. Until the time came for him to leave and deal with his issues, and hand over the protection detail to a trusted employee.

Things take on an awful twist and it’s an intense time for everyone. As much I’d like to tell you more, I can’t. If you download this book, I promise you will become committed to reading it until the end. Just as Alex was bound to Ella.

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