Five Star Book Review, HIDING by N.M. Catalano

Reviewed by Ann Meemken 

HIDING (Book 5 Stand-Alone STRANGER Series)

HIDING by N.M. Catalano
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


When I was first introduced to Rico he came off as arrogant jerk. I did not trust him and he seemed secretive. Which comes in handy in his profession. As we see more of him in Stranger series, he redeemed himself by his actions. In Black Ink, I seen him him in a different light. I could not wait to see how this story was gonna play out. I knew Maria was gonna have her hands full with Rico. She was strong, sassy, and could hold her own with him. He did come off as an ass hat in beginning but the interaction between him and Maria that first meeting was funny, and smoking hot. It showed both of them that they were both just existing, not living. Maria got him to open up and let his guard down about his past. It showed her she could trust him. It was beautiful watching their relationship blossom. The journey helps put some of their demons to rest.

I love this quote “Life is a sequence of events, moments strung together to make memories. Those moments are what defines us.” I loved this story. Holy crap the ending was incredible. I look forward to the release of Scott’s story and Canvas. EEK can’t wait!

**I received a copy for an honest review**
**Reviewed for JoandIsaLoveBooksBlog**

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