Five Star Book Review, Kissing The Enemy by Helena Newbury

kissing the enemy cover
Kissing The Enemy by Helena Newbury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars



It is NO secret that I am a big fan of all books by Helena Newbury, but can you blame me? I mean I opened this book, started reading and BOOM!


This book was like being sucked into an episode of The Sopranos mixed with a little bit of West Side Story, with snippets of The Godfather whilst thinking of Romeo and Juliet. So yes get your mind around that, throw a hot, sexy, alpha mobster, a beautiful Russian ballerina and what do you get, PERFECTION.
Irina is a beautiful girl who wanting to escape the legacy of her family runs to NYC in the hopes to get a clean slate and erase all that resembles the tribulations of what belonging to the mafia entails; raised by her uncle she despises everything that he stands for and has sworn to never be sucked into that lifestyle, that is until Angelo stumbles into her life.
Angelo has lived his life the only way he knows and that is by the law of the NY mafia. He rules and dominates but also fights to protect those who are under his control, he knows the Russians want in on his businesses and streets and he will make sure that never happens, no way he will allow anyone to destroy all that he has worked so hard to build. However the night he sees Irina his well controlled life shifts of its axis and he will stop at nothing to get closer to her. Discovering they share more than just an attraction to each other their lives are in peril when they discover how impossible their being together is.
Secret rendezvous, gagsters, midnight stakeouts, persecutions and plenty of steamy moments make this book one gripping and completely addictive read and one of my big time favourites from Helena’s kissing stories.




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