Five Star Book Review, One Hot Scot by Donna Alam

Reviewed by Becky Cox

One Hot Scot by Donna Alam
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Boys and girls, if you haven’t read Donna Alam, now is the time to start. One Hot Scot is hilarious, intriguing and sexy.

Fin’s life has never been great. High school was awful, kids are so mean. She finally feels like things are good when it all goods to pot. Back in her hometown, last place she wants to be, broke and unemployed. Her friends help pick her up. Fin’s interactions with her girlfriends are some of my favorite parts of the book. Ivy, Nat and even ole June are so entertaining. I look forward to the author’s stories about these characters. A few of their interactions I screen shot and text to my friends because it sounded like us, and they found it hilarious as well. I enjoy a book so much more when I can relate to the characters.

Rory. The only thing that would have made Rory better if is he wore a kilt and came over to my house and we….had tea. Yeah, where was your mind going. He isn’t a kilt wearing Scot, but he is a hot Scot and when he gets excited and that accent gets heavy, I fall in love a little more. Rory, born a Scot but raised in London, has returned to Fin’s hometown to work on a project. He is funny and I loved his personality. A bit of dog at times, but hey if I was hot dude with that accent I would probably be dog too.

Overall a great read. All the characters are well developed and interesting and each have a story dying to be told. Watching Fin “get her groove back” was entertaining. The chemistry between Fin and Rory is off the charts and will set your kindle on fire!

Thanks Donna for another great read!! Looking forward to more from these characters.

I received a copy for honest review.

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