Five Star Book Review, Room Service by Poppy Dunne

Reviewed by Melinda Lazar

Room Service


Room Service by Poppy Dunne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This book was an absolute delight to read from start to end. The smile never left my face and I had the warm and fuzzies throughout.

We first meet the ridiculously funny Alexandrina in her hotel room where she’s ordered a mountain of food from room service while simultaneously trying to save the company she works for. When she answers a call from her mother and learns that her ex will be attending her brothers wedding over the weekend, she advises that she’ll be attending the wedding with a plus-one. Her new boyfriend Ben. Ben, who just moments earlier delivered her room service order and hadn’t laid eyes on her before.

Seriously, I loved this book so much. It was a fantastic romcom and honestly one I can’t wait to read again. Ben is such an amazing guy. He took on the pretend boyfriend role with remarkable enthusiasm and true dedication. He was sweet and sexy and boy, did he know how to deliver (food. I’m talking about food!)! Loved him. Alex was just as awesome. Fierce, fiesty, and fucking hilarious. Her inner ramblings had me in fits of laughter and I could have happily kept on reading.

In case you didn’t get the message, I really loved this book! Absolutely recommend and cannot wait to read more from this author.

*arc received in exchange for honest review.

**Reviewed by Melinda from Joandisalovebooks Blog.

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