Five Star Book Review, Royally Matched by Emma Chase

Reviewed by Jess 

Royally Matched (Royally, #2)

Royally Matched by Emma Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars



Gahhhh! I want to rewind the last 24 hours and start this all over again. I adored this book. My cheeks hurt from smiling and I’m going to have a crap book hangover for days, but who cares because ROYALLY MATCHED was soooo worth the wait.

Fellow book friends, you’re going to fan girl over Emma CHASE after this read if you haven’t already. She has a way with words, I tell ya. You know you’re going to love a book when the first word written is, “BALLS”. I mean, come on, if you haven’t got a sense of humour, don’t bother picking up this read because folks, I laughed my ass off. I also wanted to cry and throw my kindle, but I digress. Just read it already 😉

Firstly, I need to address the hilarious names of people in this book! Lady Sarah Von Titebottum? Who comes up with this stuff? Insert any crude joke you want but I bet CHASE has already thought of it. Nevertheless, Lady Sarah is a star. Quiet and reserved, noble and smart, but sharp witted and lovely-these are just a very few of her wonderful qualities. Standing at the front of a room before hundreds of people is not Sarah’s idea of fun. So when an opportunity presents itself to avoid a presentation she’s dreading, she doesn’t think twice on it. She hands in her notice for a leave and off she goes. Getting cozy with the Prince of Wesseco wasn’t really on the agenda, but who follows those things anyway.

Prince Henry was everything I wanted him to be. Funny, brilliant, clever and crude. Sensitive and eloquent, loyal and royal. Not only a prince, but a man of many hidden talents and qualities. Everyone thinks they know the man behind the title but only one lucky lass has that pleasure. Bored and not wanting to act on his responsibilities as future King, he decides it’s time to shake things up a bit–but heaven forbid, the queen must never know.

The time Henry and Sarah spend together is gorgeous. So well written and beautifully crafted. Poignant and endearing. I found myself going back and reading some of the more intimate scenes more than once and I just couldn’t get enough. A true and real fairy tale. One with a prince who has his flaws but rallied to rise and become the royal he wanted to be-not only for his family, his country or himself, but for Sarah.

A completely different story from Royally Screwed, a slower more intense burn this time around but no less sexy. I feel like I waited eons for this read-but having finished this little slice of awesome, I’m glad I had to wait. It made the real life version so much more and it was utterly and completely worth the wait.

-Received an arc from the author in exchange for an honest review-

*reviewed by Jess for joandisalovebooks blog*

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