Five Star Book Review, The Hard Count by Ginger Scott

Reviewed by Melinda Lazar

The Hard Count

The Hard Count by Ginger Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I have no idea what I expected when I purchased this book and truthfully, I’m still overwhelmed at the depth of my feelings upon completion. This book took me on the sweetest roller coaster ride with the boy from the wrong side of the tracks and the coach’s daughter.

I refuse to rehash the synopsis for you; Scott has done that already and so much more eloquently than I ever could. However, I’ll just say that this book was utter perfection. The characters are not likable, they’re lovable. They’re complex and have so much more to them than what you initially see. The storyline is intense and compelling and I only put this book down when I had to. Fine! It was to sleep! But I was back at it the moment I woke up. The Hard Count had me smiling and swooning and crying throughout the journey and there was a time or two I was so damn angry, that I was ready to hurl my ereader across the room. This book was just everything and it’s already one of my favorites for the year. Loved and highly recommend.

**Reviewed by Melinda for Joandisalovebooks Blog.

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