Five Star Book Review, The Sleeping Serpent by Luna Saint-Claire

Reviewed by Isa Jones 

The Sleeping Serpent: A Woman's Struggle to Break an Obsessive Bond With Her Yoga Master

The Sleeping Serpent: A Woman’s Struggle to Break an Obsessive Bond With Her Yoga Master by Luna Saint Claire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


noun: narcissism
excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one’s physical appearance.

Luna Saint Claire has done an incredible job with such a difficult and powerful topic. It is not everyday I read this type of books and I found myself so engrossed in the story and with all its characters, I couldn’t wait to read to the end.

Nico, a sociopath is a Yoga instructor and as such he has the ability to interact with several women, he is described by Luna as someone so incredibly hot, sexy and charming yet, dangerous, mysterious, egotistical and completely narcissistic. Just by reading his description you can see how twisted his whole persona is, however you can’t help but like him, I think you basically have your own love-hate relationship with him whilst reading this book.
I was in awe of the level of writing and the exceptionally polished dialogues, the sexual tensions and encounters are off the charts but the eroticism of the book is written with poise and grace.

With alternating POV’s this book has never a dull moment and as with most psychological thrillers you are constantly expecting one thing when the author surprises you with last minute twists as the story progresses. It’s edgy, dark and totally mesmerising.

Within the story Luna gives the readers the ability to overcome such “issues” which I thought was very clever as we aren’t only presented with the problem but also with the solution to being a victim or a prey to that type of character.

The Sleeping Serpent is mind-boggling beautiful and a fabulous Debut novel from Luna. BRAVO!.


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