Five Star Review, In Azure Dreams by Author Jim Proctor


Five Star Review, In Azure Dreams by Author Jim Proctor





Reviewed by Joanne Swinney

Entering the world of the paranormal is exciting. All make believe, but such a great journey reading the imagination of others. Jim Proctor takes us on not one, but six brand new adventures. It’s completely fascinating to the point that you will be unsure of what is real and what are just dreams.

All six short stories are captivating, but if I had to pick a favourite it would have to be story six, The Gift that Keeps on Giving. Samantha is a hard working girl, trying to make ends meat. She’s been invited to a party or rather everyone in her workplace is required to go, and also bring a gift. I’ve never heard of such things, and Samantha isn’t too happy about it either. But not wanting to be the only person who turns up without a gift she relents to buying something a little special. Not even sure special is the right word, but it’s definitely something.

Strange things happen in each story. A house that is everything but a home, surely buyers would stay clear of something going so cheap. It’s a strange mystery that could keep on going throughout life. A man who is constantly asking the same question every single moment of his waking day, and night for that matter. It’s like groudhog day for Eric. For Carly life is just beginning she just doesn’t know it yet. Not everything is as bad as it seems. Poor Arthur is living not one life, but two and can’t keep up with either of them. This is definitely the saddest of all six stories. Senja and Petre explore a new planet that is an intriguing discovery. And finally Samantha’s luck takes an awful turn for the worst when she buys a gift for her boss.

If you love all things paranormal you should definitely download this book. You can read each short story at your leisure as each one is standalone. It’s also available with KindleUnlimited subscription.


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