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Raw Possession by Author Kent A Stevenson




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A romance author and book editor swears off dating men with a controlling streak after a harsh breakup. But an unlikely encounter with a man that she is supposed to be avoiding, consumes her and leaves her yearning for more.

One night she meets an out of the ordinary cop.

Officer Jones was tall, dark, and devilishly handsome but was also merciless and broken. He loved his women on their knees, surrendered, begging, cuffed and tied in his bedroom.

His eyes peeled deeper into Abby’s innocent eyes and figured out what was missing in her life. A man to take control of her broken shit.

But soon, he stumbles onto her list of approved qualities in a man and let’s her continue playing the field to fulfill her need with one condition: when the men failed to arouse her, she was supposed to surrender to him.

The jerk has so many rules. What would happen when she broke his rules? She couldn’t fall for this man who didn’t even believe in love. Or could she?


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Paperback available



raw possession paperback


Kent Alfie Stevenson is an IT geek from Atlanta and is currently working on a contract in Dubai. He’s just started scribbling his stories and giving them a final touch to publish and share with readers.
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