Five Star Review, Destiny, A Futuristic Fantasy by Author Jim Proctor


Five Star Review, Destiny, A Futuristic Fantasy by Author Jim Proctor





Reviewed by Joanne Mountford

This is book 2, A Futuristic Fantasy, I would recommend reading book one first simply because it is a mind blowing adventure. I do believe it can be read without reading the first instalment, and you will still fully understand the characters, and more importantly the story.

This book took me by surprise, in a good way. I became fully invested in the story, and when the plot I thought it was building towards didn’t happen there was a lot of gasping and disbelief on my part. I have actually felt like I was the one that had been transported through a portal. The imagination it took to conjure up this story line is mind blowing. Bravo to the Author. Considering this is not my usual read I enjoyed it immensely, and would urge anyone to try a sample.

With Airships flying to different ports, taking passengers where they wish to be. Wizards and witches existing on Earth and in the Futuristic world. Dragons, and big cats as pets. Teachers of light and dark magic. Fun and laughter, life and death. It has it all.

Angus a very powerful wizard by all accounts. I was drawn to his character. I often found myself smiling about the things he would do for his fiancee. He came across as very loving. Who took Jazeen to ultimate sweet heights, and an all round considerate man to Jazeen’s needs. But not everything is black and white. He never wanted Jazeen to channel magic, and of course he had his reasons. But secrets and lies will destroy a love no matter how strong it may seem. At one point in the story I was so annoyed with Angus, I never believed it would have been possible in the beginning to actually dislike him.

Hamish, Angus’ brother is someone I really hope to hear more about. I wish to be one day reading his story. He comes across as a strong character. Someone you can depend on unless he turns out like his brother. Hamish is a good friend to Jazeen, she may not think so, but it’s clear he cared about her.

The infamous Jazeen, a witch that has more power than anyone could ever have expected or maybe they did, and that was the reason for all the warnings. Jazeen has made many mistakes, but that’s all part of living. You definitely can not practice channelling magic without making a few errors along the way. Unfortunately for Jazeen the biggest mistake takes her on a path she never thought she’d take, or maybe just maybe subconsciously she knew deep down.

There were quite a few characters I became fond of. Eric being one of them. I would love to hear his story. He deserves his happily ever after. And of course there were characters I really didn’t like. What surprised me the most was the fact, the ones I thought were the good guys turned out to be douchebags.

Basically expect the unexpected. Be prepared to love and hate throughout this story. Don’t build any hopes up of an ending you might have thought up. Nothing is as it seems, and nothing will prepare you for what lies ahead.


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Description of book

Nineteen-year-old Jazeen Florence wants to become a witch, but finding a willing teacher is nearly impossible. Angus, her fiancee and a powerful wizard, refuses to teach her. His one and only student tried to kill him and Jazeen a year ago. That’s his excuse, anyway.
Jazeen’s frustration grows as her efforts to learn on her own prove fruitless. Then, while visiting an old bookstore, the shop owner gives her a special book he says will teach her witchcraft, and her world is forever changed. As her magical power grows, her relationship with Angus becomes strained as he watches Fate pull her toward a dark and dangerous destiny where life and death are the stakes.


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