New Release & Review, Ghostkin by Author Ellen Mellor

New Release & Review, Ghostkin by Author Ellen Mellor


Reviewed by Joanne Mountford

I was recommended I read this book written by Author Ellen Mellor from a friend. It was weirdly captivating. At first I was unsure what certain things meant. Like what actually was a ghostkin? And then realising that although people had passed, died, supposed to be gone. They weren’t actually gone, they were still here or rather there and could speak and do things. Okay, so we call them ghosts, but it wasn’t like that. They were dead but not gone.‘Eat your heart out’, Supernatural. They need to watch, Sam and Dean Winchester don’t catch up to them.

This story is about a young woman who has so far led a very colourful life. Her first love is now a Reverend. A member of the clergy as Rachel so kindly puts it. Sometimes Rachel’s character comes across as mean, but there is definitely more to her than the persona she likes others to see. Rachel is a transgender, a person whose gender identity or expression does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. She’s also a thief. A very good one by all accounts. Most importantly Rachel is a ghostkin.

This story is set in the North East. Can’t say I would ever have imagined Newcastle Upon Tyne to be filled with all kinds of paranormal beings. This Author certainly has a very vivid imagination.
In all honesty this isn’t a book I would usually read, but I am pleased I did. It may take me sometime to let it all sink in. Vampires, and other-worldly things, have spiked my interest of late.

To conclude my review, I think if you like reading all things paranormal or you’re not afraid to try something new. Then you should definitely try a sample of this story today.



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Description of book

Rachel Cantrell isn’t a very nice person. She is a Ghostkin – the daughter of a living woman and her ghost husband, able to allow her spirit to roam independently. She is also transgender. And an expert thief.

Things seem to be going well for her when she starts working for Fred Mott, the local human crimelord. She even meets and falls in love with a beautiful woman.

But her life starts to crumble when she gets caught up in a gang war between Fred Mott and his vampiric opposition, George Bailey. Things get even worse when Bailey enslaves her and forces her to his will. Especially as he wants to take over the city of Newcastle and turn it into his own personal kingdom.

Rachel will need to use all her strength, courage and guile – not to mention her friends – to escape from Bailey’s grasp and stop his plans from coming to fruition. Especially when she knows that going anywhere near him could mean her enslavement once again. 

Available in Paperback


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‘Enter the World of Make Believe & Read’


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