Five Star Review, Carson: The Untold Story by USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author Andrea Smith

Five Star Review, Carson: The Untold Story by USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author Andrea Smith

Reviewed by Joanne Mountford

 ☆   ☆  ☆   ☆  ☆

I’ve always been a huge fan of the G-Man Series. Carson’s story is another edition I couldn’t put down. Even if you haven’t read any of the books in this fantastic series, you could definitely read as a standalone. BUT!! I urge you to start at the beginning. You will want to read all about the G-Men. Each time I read the next book I fell in love that little bit more. You do hear from a few characters in Carson’s story from previous books, and it made me want to re read the whole series. 

Carson is the daughter of Easton and Darcy Matthew’s. The dynamic duo from book three, Night Moves. Most parents are overprotective, but Daddy Matthew’s is extremely, almost borderline obsessive when it comes to his daughter’s safety. It’s no wonder Carson thinks someone is watching over her all the time. To be fair to Easton though she has been through an awful lot, and no one actually knows what happened to her, YET!

Carson is a strong willed young lady. Her near death experience does not stop her from living. Determined to recover and find out what happened to her, that ended her waking up in hospital is something she must know. It’s dangerous, and she could be hurt again. 

Thank god for Krew Beckett, her physical therapist, and well let’s call him a friend for now. He is very supportive of Carson. Not only getting her fighting fit again, pushing her all the way. But he seems to genuinely care about her. He doesn’t want her taking any risks, making her promise she won’t do anything without him there. She agrees and if it wasn’t for Krew she wouldn’t be remembering the things that he’s helped bring to light. 

Carson and Krew make a great team. Love is certainly blossoming. It’s a shame that something ruins it all, or does it?. 

This is a wonderful romantic story with intense moments, and tons of laughter. No matter how brutal the storyline can be. Author Andrea Smith always finds a way to bring that humor to her storytelling.

Sometimes life is just too damned complicated.

I’ve been through an horrific experience, one that left me clinging to life in the hospital. Everyone has questions. I don’t have the answers to give them. You see, I have no clue as to the details leading up to my accident. But there are people out there that have the answers, and I’m determined to find them – before they find me.

Enter Krew Beckett. My former physical therapist who becomes much more than that after he unexpectedly shows up in my life again once I return to campus at Columbia University. But is Krew hiding secrets, or am I simply afraid to trust anyone?

Come take this journey with me.

Adult Content.

The G-Man Next Gen Series can all be read as stand-alones



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