New Release, Fatal Code: A Samantha Diamond, PI Short Story by Author Jim Proctor

New Release, Fatal Code: A Samantha Diamond, PI Short Story by

Author Jim Proctor

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When Private Investigator Samantha “Sam” Diamond is approached by handsome and wealthy Daniel Lowvia about tracking down an art thief, she wonders why he is hiring her and not some posh PI from one of the upper levels of the space station. The fee he is offering will cover her rent and bourbon for the next year, so she quickly accepts before he changes his mind.

The case begins like any other, but soon her attraction to Daniel clouds her judgement, especially when he brings her expensive bourbon daily. Before long Daniel is staying to share more than just notes on the case.

After a night of heavy drinking alone, she is awakened by a team of police officers who take her in for questioning. Shock sobers her when she learns a heinous crime has been committed and she is their prime suspect. Sam’s only recollection from that night was a phone call from Daniel saying his partner had beaten him in a fit of jealous rage.

As Sam learns details of the crime, she begins to think she is a pawn on a large chess board, and the person making the moves isn’t worried about sacrificing her.

Jim Proctor has worked as a research engineer and scientist for more than 36 years. An avid reader of science-fiction and fantasy since high school, he began writing his first novel around 2009. He also enjoys writing short stories, and loves a good plot twist.

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