About Us


Welcome to Jo&Isalovebooks WordPress site.


Our blog has grown in the last few years and we are delighted to be here in a new venue.

Jo&Isalovebooks as the name indicates, it’s a blog formed over a few years ago by myself Isa Jones and the best sidekick and partner Joanne Swinney.

We love books so much that we decided to teamed up and create a place for authors and readers alike to promote their stories and share their favourite reads.

It all began with one single idea which in turn has grown into a big project. We are nearing 20k likes and our review team now offers the feedback of 9 girls who cater for any genre.

We are proud to be able to offer now professional author services, delivering outstanding results in the promotion of debut and current books either by offering blog tours and blitzes as well as cover reveals.

So please come and find us on FB and make Jo&Isalovebooks part of your next adventure.


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