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I am so pleased with Joandisalovebooks! I reached out to them in a panic because I needed something posted on their blog ASAP. I was really stressing out about it, but they didn’t hesitate when I asked them. They helped me by posting my first-ever sneak peek of my second book, “Hart of Country”. Not only did they respond quickly to my panicked message, but they assured me that they had my back and would help me out in a pinch. They posted my story across their social media boards around 10am EST and by midnight, I had sold the most copies of my first book that I had ever sold since I published in August! I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone who needs help with any kind of promotions, reveals, etc. They are so professional, helpful, and efficient. They pulled me out of a jam and I am forever grateful to them! Thank you so much Jo and Isa! I am beyond pleased.

Author Kris Nacole


“I’ve used the services of Joandisalovebooks many times and never fail to be astounded at the level of professionalism and commitment they give to each and every venture. This isn’t blowing smoke up their or your proverbial ass either. Jo and Isa truly believe in giving the authors they work with an experience that delivers both results and an experience that keeps you going back for more. I can recommend them and their services to anyone who wants a well-co-ordinated and run blog tour, release blitz, cover reveal or promotion. It’s their attention to detail and the respect they hold for authors, readers, bloggers and publishers that enable them to make the difference”.

Author Susan Mac Nicol


“If you’re looking for a professional team to alleviate the stress of blog tours, blitzes, etc, then look no further! Jo and Isa not only go above and beyond to get your name out there, they are also the two most loveliest, bubbliest, caring ladies you could ever hope to meet. I hired them to do a service, yes, but I also gained two wonderful friends in the process. They will work tirelessly to pimp and post, etc, but also keep you in the loop as they go along.

If you want A+++ service, hire Jo and Isa. =) You will not be disappointed”.

Author Jaimie Roberts.


“Jo and Isa have hosted two of my recent blog tours, and I have to say, I am seriously impressed with the level of detail and energy they both commit to ensuring success. They are interactive on a daily basis with all aspects of the tour, including working with my street team, tagging, sharing, twittering, commenting on FB posts, and generating an overall excitement for participating blogs and readers for the event! Their themed graphics and teasers are perfection, and their constant feedback and follow-up with me gives me such a level of comfort that things are going as planned, and my stress is eliminated. The most recent tour is one for a charitable cause close to my heart, and these ladies have launched it and followed it in such a compassionate way that it has generated so much focus and attention from other blogs and fellow authors that I am simply overwhelmed with the response”. I love these ladies and the energy, enthusiasm, professionalism and strategic planning they tailor to suit each particular author’s needs!


Author Andrea Smith


“Jo and Isa have changed my life. I wrote my first book, The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself and they were the first bloggers to care and promote my work. I knew nothing about this whole indie author world. I just wrote a book. They taught me and pointed me into the right direction. They are loving and caring people who also have a wonderful sense of humor. I am honored to know them. In my opinion, every indie author should respect and support Jo&IsaLoveBooks”

Author Nicholas Tanek


JoandIsalovebooks—”Having worked with Joanne and Isa over the past eighteen months I know they have boundless energy when it comes to promoting authors. Professional and courteous their advice and dedication to the books and authors they highlight is invaluable. They go above and beyond to ensure their authors gain maxium exposure on social media. I’d highly recommend their services”.

Author KL Shandwick


“When JoandIsaLoveBooks shone their spotlight on me as an author, I was relatively new to this side of being an author and I didn’t know what to expect. What the team produced was fantastic and included some amazing graphics and teasers which I still use today. Nothing was too much trouble and no matter how many questions I asked, the team always came back to me in quick time and helped as much as they could.
The spotlight wasn’t the only service I have used; I have also had one of my books reviewed by the team. The review was detailed, honest and posted on Facebook, Goodreads and their blog. None of these services were paid for, yet were delivered with professionalism of the highest degree. Last, but not least, once you work with the JoandIsaLoveBooks team, they are always on hand with follow-up support if needed”.

Author Lisa Fulham


I can’t say enough good things about Jo&Isalovebooks.  Being a new author, I interviewed several businesses regarding marketing my debut novel. From the outset, Jo & Isa presented me options on the best ways to showcase my novel.  They were extremely professional advising me throughout the entire process.  Nothing was too big or too small for them.  Everything went smoothly and I received so much more than I ever expected.  Their attention to detail and follow-up was mind blowing especially during my cover reveal, release day blitz and blog tour.  They kept me in the loop advising me of who was partaking in the various aspects of my release so I was able to participate, as well,  thanking the various blogs for sharing my information.  I was so pleased with their services that I plan on using them for all of my future releases.  I am extremely satisfied with their services and highly recommend them.  You can’t go wrong with Jo & Isa!    

Author ~Anne Stone~


I was referred to Joandisalovebooks Blog services by several different author friends. I had been on the fence on whether or not to do another blog tour, but after hearing about Jo and Isa’s skill with this line of work I decided to give their services a try. I am so happy I did! As a busy author with limited time to do a lot of tasks on social media, I was looking for a blog that would do the vast majority of the work involved with planning and facilitating a release day blitz and a blog tour, plus have the knowledge to do it all on a level I felt would properly showcase my new book. I gave them the basic information about my new book and the dates I wanted for the tour and they did all the rest. And, when I say they did everything, I mean they did EVERYTHING! I didn’t have to worry about one detail and I knew I was in very capable hands. They ran an efficient tour, kept everyone who participated with the tour on track and, most importantly, they relieved me of the stress and worry of having to deal with all the little details that come along with a blog tour. The release day blitz was wild! They hit every social media outlet imaginable and even ran a Thunderclap. You name it, and they did it. The tricks they had in their large arsenal of tools was enormous and they used each and every one of them proficiently to give my release day the total “wow factor” I wanted and they made it look easy and effortless, too. Because of their hard work and dedication to the end product, my blog tour was an enormous success! I would highly recommend Jo and Isa’s services to any author who is looking for a professional and stress free experience with their book promotion. Start to finish, this dynamic duo knows how to ROCK a book release like no one else!

Ann Lister Author of the M/M Rock Gods series and several other M/F novels.


I was referred to Isa & Jo by a trusted author friend when I was considering doing promotion for the release of my first book in a new series. When I reached out to Isa and Jo, they explained all the different services they offered and answered the many questions I had so that I could make a decision about which services would work for me. I went with the Release Day Blitz. Isa and Jo explained all the different things I would need to put together for the promotion and kept me updated throughout the entire process on how things were going. On release day, countless bloggers participated in getting the word out about my book and I received several comments from readers afterwards that they had found me as a result of the promotion.


I couldn’t be more pleased with the work Isa and Jo did for me and I had no reservations about using them for my second release just this past week. Even knowing what to expect the second time around, I was thrilled with the exposure my book got. Furthermore, Jo and Isa continue to promote my books even after the release day has passed. That means a great deal to me and I highly recommend that authors, new or seasoned, consider using Isa and Jo for their next release.
Author Sloane Kennedy 


I recently released my second book and wanted to have a release day blitz and a blog tour. It was last minute and I obviously didn’t prepare the way I should have done. I asked around and JoandIsaLoveBooks came highly recommended. Boy was I happy with their level of service. Jo and Isa are both extremely professional but they are also very personable and I found myself excited to work with them in a more professional capacity. I’d worked with them on Custos Securities Book 1 for a fair and honest review and they’d continued to promote me after that as well, so making the decision to work with them on their other promotional offerings was an easy decision.

My blitz went great, even when my book accidentally got released half a day early! I still can’t believe the amount of people Jo and Isa got involved to help spread the word about my book on both the blitz day and my blog tour dates. I could hardly keep up with the posts and thanking those that were involved. They both helped me immensely and I’m so glad I was able to work with them. I would highly recommend their blog for anything book related: fair and honest reviews, cover reveals, release blitzes, and blog tours. They got you covered! They’ve also continued to promote my work long after my release date and blog tour. Thank you Jo and Isa!!


Author Luna David

For the last year and a half, Jo and Isa have been a pivotal support system for my work and sanity. Their enthusiasm and professionalism is outstanding as well as their organizational skills. When working with a firm whether it be for a release party or a complete tour, it’s important to have mutual trust well established. I trust Jo and Isa to do everything in their power to make my releases a grand success. It also helps that honesty, respect and big, happy smiles are always on the table.

Eva LeNoir


I stumbled upon Joandisalovebooks when searching for help with social media. At the time, I had no idea what I needed, but I was in the right hands with the Jo and Isa. They have the answer to the questions I didn’t even know I should be asking!
I’ve used them several times for new releases and blog tours. They’ve taught me so much and have become my go to team whenever I need it.  Not only do they deliver on what they promise, but they don’t forget you even after your tour is over. And each time they tag me in a post, I can’t help but smile. 
I can’t say enough about how helpful they were and continue to be to me! I would highly recommend them to any author.
Author Jeannette Winters
Thank you so much for a fantastic blog tour. You really went beyond my expectations. The exposure my New Release received helped to shoot it and keep it at a great rank. I also garnered many first time readers for Rock’s Redemption even though it was Book 8 in the series. Great job. I’ll definitely be using your promotion services again.
Author Chiah Wilder



“Last month, I had my first release blitz and was shocked by how much exposure the book had. The book title and my name were all over the place. It was amazing to watch. As a result of their hard work, even my first novel got some unexpected sales. I will definitely use Jo & Isa again in the future; I’m so happy with the results.”

~Author Lena Lane~




As a new author trying to find her way in this huge market, I have to say that choosing Jo and Isa to help me with marketing was one of the best decisions I could have made.

From the very start, they were professional, a clear plan in mind, kept me in the loop at all times and were organised to the point where even my OCD heart was stunned.

I realised on the day they blasted my ‘Cover Reveal’ all over the internet just what driven machines they are, dedicated to helping independent authors achieve their dreams. The level of interaction, with the touches of social interaction on every blog was astounding. This was repeated with my 3-day blitz. It was overwhelming, in the best way.

I can’t recommend them enough.

~Author Bee Stevens~


Working with Jo and Isa was a smooth experience. They were professional, and sent out requests to bloggers in a timely manner. I received a range of reviews from a good amount of blogs, despite booking my tour at the last minute. Jo and Isa made sure to update me on each review, and they even sent me a spreadsheet so that I could keep track of the posts myself. They are very responsive to questions and messages, as well, and I found their pricing competitive. Would recommend!

~Author Lauren Campbell~


I was recommended by Jeannette Winters to do a 3 day blitz with Jo & Isa. This was my first book so I had no idea what a three day blitz was or how it worked. But Jo & Isa walked me through it. They were very informative and helpful. I knew that they genuinely wanted to make my big day great and amazing. When my debut came my phone was going crazy. People were seeing my book, people were liking my author page, I got great reviews that just lifted my spirits. The service these ladies gave me was 5 stars across the charts. It was better then what I imagined. I have already scheduled my next blitz with them.

Thank you so much!!

~Author Amelia Bronson-


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Joandisalovebooks. Easy & fast communication. They’ve handled the Release Blitz with great enthusiasm and professionalism. Jo & Isa delivered everything they promised and then some. I appreciated everything they did for me.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

-Esther E. Schmidt-


If you’re looking for a personable, professional, reliable promo company for you next book release/cover reveal/sale then look no further. These ladies go above and beyond to ensure that every little detail is taken care of. I could not have been happier with my last cover reveal and Release Day Blitz for my latest novel, Thursday Afternoon. Jo and Isa helped to make it a huge success and alleviate a lot of the stress that’s usually inevitable on release day. They truly care about the success of their clients, and I look forward to working with them in the future. Thanks so much, girls! Xo

~ Beth Rinyu-



I quite literally can’t say enough wonderful things about Jo&Isalovebooks.

From the very beginning, when I contacted them in a panic with mere hours to spare, they were phenomenal.

I’ve done four blog tours with them now, and can’t imagine ever having a new release without them in my corner.

They are so easy to work with.  Quick to respond, clear with what they need from the author, patient with questions, and make killer graphics.  Each time, they have gone above and beyond expectations.  Without them, I simply would not have the time or ability to reach a fraction of the exposure my last releases have experienced.

I recommend their services thoroughly and completely.

I don’t have a single complaint or hesitation!

You won’t regret working with Jo&Isalovebooks!!!!!

~Brandon Witt & Rosalind Abel~



I don’t remember how I first met Jo & Isa, but I am forever grateful they have become part of my writing journey. Looking for people who are not only professional and motivated, but who also genuinely care about the author they work with? I can’t say enough good about Jo & Isa. I have 20+ books out there and am fortunate to have a solid career in the business. These ladies have my loyalty and gratitude. I highly recommend them to new as well as established authors. You don’t get better than this!

Author Ruth Cardello




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